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SOLIDAR published the report “International Migration: the search for decent work” in February 2011.

It critically examines the issues surrounding international labour migration, and then focuses on migration from the developing world to EU Member States, giving a set of recommendations to governments and civil society organisations on how to improve migrants’ rights.

“The contributions made by migrants to our societies are grossly undervalued. Migrants pay taxes, just like European citizens”, said Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General. He continued: “Migration is a reality and we need to face this reality. And yet, there is a big discrepancy: migrants take the jobs that European citizens do not want or cannot fill and yet we do not grant them basic rights and equal treatment.”

In 2010, an estimated 214 million people migrated internationally, of which roughly 90% were migrant workers and their families. Migrants interviewed in the report highlight the fact that in our increasingly globalised world, people need to follow the jobs. Meet Miguel: “I come from Bolivia. There is no work there, and I had to find a way to support my wife and daughter, so I came to Spain, like my brother before me. I was an illegal immigrant but I found work in the agricultural sector. Agricultural workers in Spain are no more educated than at home, and because of their ignorance I encountered racist attitudes.”

Read the report

SOLIDAR is working together with Eunomad on the Migration-Development nexus. It is a European network of 52 NGOs active in over 90 countries working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. SOLIDAR voices the concerns of its member organisations to the EU and international institutions across the policy sectors social affairs, international cooperation and lifelong learning.

For more info www.solidar.org


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