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Mainstreaming Migration into Development Planning is a handbook for Policy-makers and Practitioners. This Handbook, initiated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and further developed with the contributions of the Global Migration Group (GMG), is the result of a collaborative and fruitful cooperation between the 16 GMG agencies.

Published in November 2010, this guide is available online.

Mainstreaming-migrationThe Handbook is divided into three main sections.

The first section gives a migration and development overview – delineating how migration and development are linked and demonstrating the potential benefits of mainstreaming migration into development planning.

The second section outlines processes for mainstreaming migration into development planning and describes the institutional structures and policy frameworks that need to be put into place in order to effectively integrate migration into the development planning cycle.

The final section of the Handbook is intended to be a reference section, offering ideas as well as inspiration for action. This section provides a compilation of migration and development program experiences and ideas that illustrate how migration can be used to promote development in a practical way, through programmes, interventions and projects.

To assist the reader develop a more in depth understanding of the issues, several annexes are included in the Handbook, containing supplemental reference material.

Extract from the preface:
"While discussions of migration and development have become more prominent in recent years, policy and programming remain embryonic. This handbook responds to the gap between talk and action, acting as a step-by-step guide for policymakers, giving practical meaning to the concept of Migration and Development. The handbook does not prescribe a uniform policy or programme, but rather provides guidance, ideas and suggestions so countries can tailor-make an approach useful in their own context."

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