A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

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Eugenia Papamakariou
5, Ipirou Str
10433 Athens
+30 2103813052
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EEDDA is a Greek non-governmental, non-profit making, public welfare organisation. It has a Governing Board of 23 members and a Secretariat of 11 members and works together with corresponding organisations with comparable goals in the countries, where it is active, but as well with a series of non-governmental organisations in Europe and North America. EEDDA's members are high level and secondary level trade-union organisations (workers, civil servants, bank employees), trade unions, women's associations, peace movements, personalities of social life and natural persons, who want to contribute actively to the realisation of its goals.
> Middle East, the Arab world, Mediterranean, Turkey and Cyprus
> Africa
> Latin America and the Caribbean
> Greece in the area of the problems of refugees and migrants as well as in the fight against racism
EEDDA has 4 main fields of action:
> To express by all means its political, economic, material and moral solidarity and assistance to the struggle of the peoples fighting against imperialism, fighting for their national independence, their national sovereignty, the respect of human rights, peace and social justice.
> To try to face the underdevelopment problem of the developing countries through projects and by sending urgent help to meet their immediate needs.
> To inform and sensitize the Greek people as to the problems of the people in the developing countries and to mobilize them through trade unions and mass organizations.
> To support political refugees and foreign workers living in our country through action and struggle in their communities for the solution of their problems.
Local organisations in developing countries, migrants and refugees in Athens
Short organization description
EEDDA was established in September 1981 and aims at solidarity with the people's movements of Asia, Africa and Latin America and all other peoples fighting for their national independence and sovereignty, for peace and social justice. Through its three monthly review called "International Solidarity", EEDDA, in cooperation with all its departments, tries to diffuse the best possible information on its work. In the field of projects, EEDDA takes on development projects, sensitisation and development education projects as well as humanitarian projects, usually in the countries in which it already works for solidarity reasons.
EEDDA is a consisting part of the social mass movement of our country and struggles at the same time to demonstrate the narrow relationship existing between the problems and the struggle of the peoples of the underdeveloped and the developed countries.
Shared values with Eunomad
Fight against discrimination,for the social and democratic rights of migrants and refugees,for their right to mobility.
To support awareness-raising on the migration-development-integration issues.
> The development of a network strong enough to promote refugees and migrants rights in local and european level
> The possibility for exchanging experiences in the fields of Migration-Development-Citizenship/
EEDDA issued several statements and press releases about the violations of the rights of migrants and refugees as well as about policies and practices of the Greek government concerning migration (see our website)
Hellenic Platform for Development ; European Coordination Committee for Palestine (ECCP) ; Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EAPN) ; Euromediterranean Network for Human Rights (EMHRN) ; Coordination Group of NGO's for Latin America and the Caribbean (Grupo Sur) ; International Organisation of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia and Africa (AAPSO) - associated member

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