A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

Moawia M. Ahmed
Patision 81
Athens 104 34
+30 8831620
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Founded in September 2002, its members now number around 40 organizations. It is a form of migrants’ self-organization based on a collective action plan, formed through ongoing consultation, with the objective of representing and strengthening the voice of immigrants and their organizations and communities in Greece, with the aim of equal inclusion and participation in Greek society. The Greek Forum of Migrants (GFM) was recognized as a ‘second-tier’ union organization in 2008, by decision No. 991/08 of the Court of Athens, registration no. 27301, on 14/4/2008.
In order to achieve our objectives GFM:
> makes every effort to continuously improve policies concerning immigrants, whether the seare based on immigration and anti-discrimination laws, or other legislation affecting or relating to im¬migrants.
> makes great effort to improve the image of the immigrant bringing him/her closer to the Greek society. The main tool for achieving this goal is to organize or co-organize with other organizations cultural and social events.
> strives to create and continually enhance multiple stable relations with various institutions in Greece, EU and internationally, particularly with trade unions and NGOs.
> encourages the various immigrant groups to organize and then provides all possible support to a series of actions aimed at empowering groups, especially the so called “leaders” of these groups, in order to raise the quality of public discourse for immigrants and their bargaining power.
> develops and implements programs aimed at empowering migrants and combating social exclusion.
As a network the GFM mainly supports the organized groups and its member organizations. But it has expanded its services through targeted programs aimed at individual cases.
Short organization description
The Greek Forum of Migrants (GFM) is a multicultural organization dedicated to empowering migrants through public expression and collective representation. The specif ic mission of the GFM is to address the problems of immigrants as individuals and collectively, the public representation of immigrants and their organizations and communities that form the GFM, the development of co¬operation, solidarity and joint actions with NGOs, trade unions and other organizations, advocacy of immigrants’ rights and the promotion of their positions, proposals and demands in public debate in relation to the state, the government, the political parties, the Parliament and the municipal and local authorities and other bodies.
Shared values with Eunomad
> Informative leaflets to migrant community members (2004-2012).
> Magazine “METOIKOS” in collaboration with the Athens News Agency (2005-2012).
> Guide of immigrant communities, in collaboration with INE / GSEE (2007).
> Pre-Conference and positions of the Greek Forum of Migrants (2007-2008).
> Information guide for the organization of migrant communities at first and secondtier levels (2012).
The Greek Forum of Migrants has participated in the following programs :
> European Equal Program 2nd round of implementation “Monitoring and Network Structures for the Economic Empowerment of Migrants and Refugees in the Labor Market” with the co-ordination of the Labor Institute INE/GSEE. 2005-2008.
> Empowering of Youths of immigrant origin, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, 2011-2012.
> “Promote immigrant volunteering to reclaim community life,” ΑΝCE 2012
> Action 1.3/10: Support for the organization of immigrant communities at primary and sec-ondary level, 2012.
> Action 1.2/10: “Legal and administrative support for third-country nationals living legally in the country”, 2012.
> Action 1. 1/10: “Information and sensitization of the host society”, 2012.
> Action 4.2/10 Creation of a European-level collaborative network of immigrant association rep-resentatives, 2012.

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