A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

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SPA is a non-profit organisation composed of a Committee of Directors, a Board and an Executive
Committee responsible for achieving its missions and
objectives. SPA has 3 branches in Poland: Szczecin,
Krakow and Poznan. The SPA includes 11 volunteers,
250 members and has no employees.
Central and East Europe ; Sub-Saharan Africa : Benin, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone.
> Migration/development nexus: strengthening economic and intellectual capacities of migrants, developing human capital of migrants, assist and support African migrants who are willing to invest in Poland and Africa;
> Education / awareness: organization of seminars and conferences on migrations;
> Promotion of intercultural dialogue: information about Africa in the Polish society to strengthen tolerance and understanding. Promotion of African cultures in Poland and Polish culture in Africa. Promotion scientific, tourist, commercial and sport exchanges, between the Republic of Poland and the countries of Africa;
> Participation in public policy: providing recommendations on migration policy and promoting bilateral economic cooperation between Poland and African countries.
Migrants and refugees in Poland and local actors in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Senegal.
Short organization description
SPA is a polish NGO, founded in 2003 by a group of Friends of Africa who wish to develop a friendly cooperation between Poland, Europe and Africa.

The aim of the organisation is to promote tolerance and cooperation among peoples in a pragmatic framework. SPA works for intercultural dialogue in order to counter all forms of discrimination, particularly racial discrimination.
Through its actions, SPA aims to improve knowledge about the culture and the history of African societies in order to consolidate tolerance and understanding within the Polish population. SPA works for the social and economic integration of migrants and African refugees in Poland.

The objectives of the Association of Friends of Africa are:
> To recognize and value the positive role of African migrants,
> To strengthen economic and intellectual capabilities of migrants,
> To struggle against all forms of racial discrimination.
Shared values with Eunomad
> Creation of an Internet Radio ‘’Voice of Africa’’.
Through the implementation of the program “2007:
European Year of Equal Opportunities for All” funded by the European Commission and Polish Government. The aim of this radio station is to raise social awareness in the field of human rights to equal treatment for all and life without discrimination. This is also an opportunity to hold discussions on the benefits of social pluralism.

> Implementation of a Center of common interest and
positive dialogue with culture, sports and scientific debates.
Under the project “Day of the Nations and Cultures of Africa” in partnership with the “Fundation Help Liberia” and the Agricultural University of Warsaw.

> Setting up a community platform “The Platform”.
Which provides migrants how to organize debates, seminars and conferences to promote their initiatives and develop action plans for their integration. This platform has been established under the program “Support for new migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in Poland.”
> Raising awareness and promoting social integration:
organization of an African day for the social integration of migrants in Poland, Warsaw.

> Organization of a Scientific Conference
(co-organized by SPA and the Group of African Diplomatic

> Participation in the European Year of Equal Opportunities
for All, program of the European Commission: creation of an internet Radio “The voice of Africa’’(2007).

> Support for new migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in Poland: creation of a sustainable cooperation in connection with the Polish authorities and institutions.

> Design and implementation of joint development projects
in Guinea: “Help the association of women and youth in the
rural area of Kissidougou”.
ENAR (European Network Against Racism) ; Fundation Help Liberia.

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