A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

Spyros Amoranitis
Rue Agimont, 17
4000 Liège
+32 (0) 4 221 49 89
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The institute has three offices in Belgium (Liège, Namur and Brussels) where it coordinates the "HARMONIQUES" collective, a network of associations active in co-development and intercultural action. With an international purpose, the Institut has offices in Togo, Benin, Turkey, Greece and Czech Republic.
> The advancement of communities of migrants or descendants of immigrant backgrounds and, in particular, the observation of psychosocial integration processes and the development of cultural identities;
> The links between migrations and development in regions of origin as well as in host regions;
> The development of policies and working methods based on the social sciences of education and interculturality: training, support and assessment of field teams, practical projects, etc.
Migrants and persons with migrant backgrounds, social agents, associative leaders and policy makers.
Short organization description
The IRFAM is a resource and continuing education organisation created by stakeholders and researchers serving professionals in the fields of social action, education, cultural and economic development.

The institute seeks, through a multidisciplinary approach, to develop links between research and fieldwork on integration and development, as well as the positive treatment of diversities.
Shared values with Eunomad
Founding member of Eunomad
› Inform on discrimination mechanisms as factors for exclusion and violence;
› Promote intercultural relations as instruments for a successful integration and development;
› Arouse positive identity building among people suffering from exclusion and violence;
› Contribute to the implementation of democratic mechanisms promoting the positive management of socio-cultural differences and sustainable development.
› Develop practices which link more effectively stakeholders in member countries;
› For the network as an association under Belgian law to comply to the law by organising as soon as possible a General Assembly.
› An online journal entitled "Diversités et Citoyennetés";
› A collection published by l'Harmattan (Paris): "Compétences interculturelles";
› Active participation in the editorial boards of other Belgian and international journals;
› IRFAM regularly works with the following journals: "Osmoses" (Namur), "Agenda interculturel" (Brussels), "Politiques sociales" (Brussels) and "Migration Letters" (London).
› One of the characteristics of our publishing policy is to integrate as much as possible the social agents that collaborate in the writing process and the dissemination of practices.
IRFAM manages and coordinates the HARMONIQUES collective. It is also a member of ENAR (European Network Against Racism).

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