A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

Dora e Pajtimit-logo
Besmir Rrjolli
+39 3287204229
DeP is a non-profit cultural association
Northern Albania, near Shkoder; Province of Milan, Italy.
DeP is majorly focused on creating
educational and social activities against
violence and in favor of a peaceful
coexistence of the local communities.
The creative good practices of the social
theater are the main working tool of our
association used as a strategy for free
expression, education, and interaction
between people and between
Young people from Milan and Scutari, Italian
teachers, the community.
Short organization description
Dora e Pajtimit is a non-profit association operating in the Italian-Albanian socio-cultural field since 2007.
It intervenes in the areas with social problems through practical and participatory tools and education for development, working especially with young people to prevent phenomena such as social deviance, blood revenge, women discrimination etc.
Shared values with Eunomad
DeP became an Eunomad member in order to obtain a
wider view on the non-profit associations system, to get
an European experience as an association, to create strong relations with other organizations and to explore new
working methods and tools.
> Co-development
> Networking
> Involvement
> Social inclusion
> Peaceful coexistence
> Education
I expect that Eunomad Europe acts as a link between
its members, enhancing the possibility of a better
understanding of the different realities and practices; that it
opens the road for an active and constructive dialogue;
that it facilitates not only virtual meetings, but also creates
opportunities to get together and effectively confront to
define strategies and plans.
> "I bambini inchiodati (The Nailed Children)" - Graphic novel
The theatrical performance "I bambibi inchiodati" (represented in different occasions and theaters in Italy, winner of some social theater contests) became a graphic novel whose story and comic
strips were created by DeP’s members. The work deals with the phenomenon of the blood feud based on the Kanun. It tells the story of a little girl who has been brought to the light of freedom
from the darkness of isolation and solitude by Trik&Trak – the casual street theatrical performer that enters without knowledge in land of Kanun. A land where the Owl (symbolizing Revenge)
keeps hostage the Eagle (the Peace) who struggles and, eventually obtains the freedom with the help of Trik&Trak.

> Two documentaries based on the delicate phenomenon of second generations in Italy.
1) Impronte (Fingerprints)
2) 200 Parole (200 Words)
> « In-Out Kanun »
Training and creative interventions aimed to promoting reconciliation, social inclusion and peaceful coexistence of the communities in Shkoder (Albania), mainly engaging social theater tools and techniques.
The project gave the opportunity to investigate the phenomenon of kanun in a creative way; overcome stereotypes and prejudices of the people involved (schools, institutions, associations), building relationships between the group’s members based on the sharing and listening experiences in order to develop social skills.

> « On the stage »
"On the Stage" is strongly connected with the previous project carried out by Dora e Pajtmit, "In Out Kanun",
in aiming to strengthening associations of Albanian
immigrants in Italy as a cultural bridge between the
two countries. The planned activities are: short film
laboratories, a training course for drivers of social
theater workshops and teachers on the intercultural
subject, a photography contest and exhibition, a
graphic novel on the kanun (revenge), a field of
international volunteering formation of families in the
country of Drisht on tourist accommodation, a job for a
girl/boy in the tourism sector.
EUNOMAD; Forum Città Mondo; Albania domani.
Ipsia; New Age; Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan; Association Safetynet; IPSIA; the Municipality of Shkoder – Albania; Theater ”Migjeni”
Shkoder; “Oso Kuka” Highschool Shkoder; GAO Cooperazione internazionale; Sunugal; Acli Lombardia.

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