A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

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The Dutch Consortium of Migrant Organizations is a registered association of autonomous non-profit organizations, which currently consists of nine diaspora (both migrants and refugees) network organizations, and two diaspora knowledge centers.
Both in the Netherlands and the South regions where poorer people dwell, including rural as well as urban areas. Currently, Consortium members implement projects in 25 countries: Latin America (3), Africa (12), Asia (6), and Europe (4).
The members of the consortium are either knowledge oriented or acting as services delivery organizations, with a longstanding track-record in implementing projects both in the South (development aid) and the North (integration and the multicultural society).
The 11 Consortium members represent ca. 150 affiliated and member diaspora organizations in the Netherlands and their counterparts in the South (mainly in countries of origin of the diasporas). Target groups are the poorer segments of society, both in the South (development aid), and in the North (integration and poverty alleviation). Society as a whole is considered target group in the debate on integration.
Short organization description
DCMO unites diaspora organizations which are inspired by culture and/or faith and which share the wish to contribute in a positive way to the enhancement of a multicultural global society. Consortium members believe migration and migrants may contribute to a just development of the world.
Shared values with Eunomad
> Belief in the positive role of migrants in the development of societies of origin and of residence
> Belief in the potential of a multicultural global society
> Promotion of active citizenship of migrants
> Recognition of the positive role of migrants
> Access to policy and decision making for migrants
> More coordinated action in lobby and advocacy
> Optimal use of (tacit) knowledge of migrants
> Transnational knowledge sharing and development
> Mutual support of member organizations.
- A selection of recent publications and tools of Consortium members:

> African Diaspora Skills Database
A database compiled by ADPC to provide an overview of qualified African Diaspora professionals and organizations.

> Building Institutional Cooperation between the Diaspora and Homeland Governments in Africa: Cases of Ghana, Nigeria, Germany, USA and the UK. Awil Mohamoud (editor).
Studies by institutions and researchers from both home and host countries working in the field of migration and development, facilitated by ADPC. The book is intended to inform policymakers in the field of migration and development of the benefits to be gained from formal institutional cooperation with the diaspora development practitioners.

> Turks in Europe: Culture, Identity, Integration.
Talip Kucukcan, Veyis Gungor (editors)
A study of the position of the Turkish diaspora in several European countries by Türkevi Research Centre in collaboration with SMHO.

> ABUROKYERE (Beyond the Corn Field)
Movie produced by SANKOFA showing the (dis)advantages of migration for both migrants and those who are staying behind in Ghana.

> Talk2Me
An online TV-program created by NEDSOM, which offers both Dutch and Somalia (diaspora) youth a virtual space to discuss challenges of integration and the multicultural society.

- A selection of recent services and trainings which Consortium members are able to deliver to other members of Eunomad, either directly or via the Consortium:

> Network enhancement
Most of the Consortium members are network organizations with an average of 10 member organizations each in the Netherlands,
and equal numbers of partner organizations in the countries of origin. Ramifications of the total network of the Consortium reach to 4 continents and more than 30 countries in the South.

> Specialized trainings
Consortium members are implementing development projects in the South through their networks. They can provide trainings with regard to Organizational Strengthening / Institutional Development, Project Cycle Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation. ADPC and ERCMOVE are knowledge centres, which conduct research for feasibility studies and evaluations, and trainings on civil society enhancement, good governance, and conflict transformation. Seva Network Foundation and ERCMOVE conduct research and training with regard to business approaches in migration and development. SMHO specializes in research and trainings on challenges of multi-cultural society.
> Capacity Building for Diaspora Organizations
Joint trainings with regard to OS/ID (Organizational Strengthening/Institutional Development), PCM (Project Cycle Management), M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation), and financial accountability.

> Linking and Learning
Enhancing the optimal use of (tacit) knowledge available among diaspora communities and their organizations. Consortium members are sharing their regional and thematic specific knowledge to build knowledge that can be applied cross-culturally and transnationally. From the perspective of diaspora ownership and empowerment tools and services will be offered to the wider community as a contribution to social cohesion and just development. To this effect a series of cross-cultural and transnational workshops and exchange projects are envisaged.

> Lobby and Advocacy
In 2011 DCMO will organize workshops to critically discuss the Dutch and EU government policies on Migration and Development.
> Upcoming: Knowledge Centre Religion and Development (KCRD); PSO Capacity Building in Developing Countries.
> Via Consortium members: DIASPEACE (via ADPC); Partos (via Seva Network Foundation); Diaspora Forum 4 Development; TRANSCODE (Transnational Synergy
for Cooperation and Development); Peace Grands Lacs women network
(via BWPD).

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