A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

Elena Tulupova
Záhřebská 539/15
12000 Prague
Czech Republic
own “know-how’s ” (involvement of migrants into volunteering in local volunteer and community centers as a tool for integration, empowerment and inter-generational and inter-cultural dialogue and mutual support), distribution of information about all activities for migrants available in the Czech Republic using social media and presentations, recruiting of migrants for participation in different social and education programs organized by other NGOs and Czech state and community institutions
Shared values with Eunomad
To promote and develop mutual adaptation and communication between migrants, and host society and promoting a healthy, harmonious and filled life at the international, national, community, family and individual level.
- strengthening of rights of migrants in the Czech Republic including areas of social security, education, labor market and health care
- development of skills, competencies, leadership and participation in community and political life among migrants
- creation of optimal conditions for effective adaptation and integration of migrants in the host society through education
- joining migrant and Czech majority together for common fight with stereotypes, finding and solving of common challenges
Project on involvement of migrants from third countries into volunteering activities in local volunteer and community centers as a tool for integration and empowerment (innovative approach for the Czech Republic)

Series of educational and psychological trainings for migrants and 3-months course on psychological self-help for migrant women “Pilgrimage to yourself“.

International project “All together on labour market” – education of migrants in the field of Czech legislation (AMIGA is a partner from non-governmental sector)

EACEA EU project “Active citizens combating youth unemployment-JOBNET” – research on best practices in the field of youth unemployment in the Czech Republic and 5 other countries in EU.

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