A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

Eva Valentová
Senovážná 2, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
+420 22 224 379
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SIMI is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 1992 and composed of a dozen of legal experts and social workers.

SIMI is represented by the executive director Magda Faltová who is also in the position of statutory body. Director is supervised by the Board of Directors.
Czech Republic, Ukraine, partner EU Member States (Portugal, Austria, Germany, UK) and EU institutions
- free legal and social counselling to migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic
- raising awareness of the general public with the aim of cultivating tolerance, curbing xenophobia and racism
- participation in national and international campaigns to endorse the rights of refugees and migrants
- influencing Czech immigration and asylum laws issues
- advocacy activities to promote better conditions for foreigners living in the Czech Republic.
Shared values with Eunomad
› Mobility is a fundamental right
› Migrants contribute to the development of the societies in both, countries of origin and host countries
› Diversity brings new solidarities
› Foster the integration of migrants into the host societies
› Foster the recognition of migrants´active citizenship
› Promote and spread values of tolerance within the European societies and fight against racism and xenophobia
› Get better knowledge about the nexus migration-development
› Share good practices and expertise in this field
› Networking opportunities for further national or international actions
› «Increasing the role of NGOs in the social integration of labour migrants in the Czech Republic»
The publication includes the analysis of the labour migration in the Czech Republic as well as a comparative overview with partner countries, Austria and Portugal. The second part presents a comparison of the non-profit sector functioning in the area of labour migration in these three countries, emphasizing the interdependence of their activities with labour offices and other entities in Portugal and Austria. It serves as a basis for proposals and suggestions for creation and development of similar forms of cooperation in the CR.

› «Do you know who cleans your place ?»
The campaign video aiming to provide information about the phenomenon of domestic work in the Czech Republic to migrant women as well as the wide public.

› «www.pracovnicevdomacnosti.cz»
Subject website concentrating all relevant information on the topic including practical advice and useful contacts intended for domestic workers, their employers, and general public.
Foreign workers on the labour market
Implementation period: 1 October 2012 – 30 september 2014
Project partners: Organization for Aid to Refugees, Multicultural Center Prague, Anti-Slavery International (UK), Caritasverband für die Diezöse Osnabrück (DE)
The project focuses on the opening of a public debate and the resolution of the taboo topic of occupational safety of foreigners (job-related injuries, occupational diseases), as well as the reinforcement of equal rights for foreigners at the labour market. Its core activity lays in developing a thematic network with foreign partners from the United Kingdom and Germany, through which transfer of good practices and exchange of information as well as involvement of key stakeholders in the Czech Republic and Europe are foreseen. In addition, the project aims to improve structural tools leading towards better protection of foreign workers, where the common initiative of the non-profit sector primarily focuses on labour litigation, controlling activities of the labour inspectorates and activities of the trade unions.

Equal opportunities on the threshold of Czech homes
Implementation period: 1 July 2012 – 30 June 2014
Project partners: People in Need, Ogilvy&Mather, Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
The project aims to assure equal rights and opportunities on the labour market to migrant women working in the Czech households. The project aims to even up their position, reduce their vulnerability and strengthen their rights. Furthermore, the project wants to open up a public debate followed by reflection of the topic of domestic work in the society and support the empathy towards these women and partial responsibility for their living and working conditions especially by the employers.

Increasing the role of NGOs in the social integration of labour migrants in the Czech Republic
Implementation period: anuary 1, 2011 – December 31, 2012
Project partners: Znetrum fur MigrantInnen in Tirol (AT), Solidariedade Imigrante (PT)
The project aimed to eliminate problems related to social integration of foreigners from third countries who lawfully had resided in the Czech Republic and were or would be active at its legal labor market. Migrants from third countries have to overcome specific barriers to integration.
National level:
- Consortium of Non-governmental Organisations Working with Migrants
- Committee of the Rights of Foreigners
- Working Group of Economic Migration at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

European level:
- Platform for Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM)
- Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP)
- UNITED for Intercultural Action
- Research Network for Domestic Workers Rights (RN-DWR)
- European Statelessness Network (ESN)

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