A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


Migrations and development: Which complementarities between European civil society networks?

As part of its mission recovery practices in co-development and participation in the policy dialogue on migration and development, Eunomad organized a seminar with the European networks of civil society November 30, 2010 in Brussels.

This seminar aims to strengthen the dialogue between public institutions and civil society stakeholders and to improve the coherence of policies, strategies and practices implemented by migration and development stakeholders. It proposes to make the network visible and to allow time for collaboration between the network members and European institutions.

Through the theme "Migrations and development: Which complementarities between European civil society networks?" the main aim of this Eunomad seminar is to provide space for collaboration between the Eunomad network, and the main European civil society stakeholders involved in areas of activity which are common to the Eunomad’s agenda on migration, development and human rights.

Seminaire-Formation-juillet-2009As a first encounter with other European civil society stakeholders, this meeting will allow a discussion to take place on the following points:

- The question of synergies between future activities and areas of activity and cooperation between civil society networks in the field of political action, exchange of practices and research action.
- Migration and development: Taking stock of political issues and challenges for civil society in relation with the 2011 EU future communication on migration and development.

This seminar is scheduled to take place over one day and is co-organised with the "policy seminar" which is planned the day before.It provides time for exchange of ideas between the administrators of the Eunomad Network and tother non-Statal European stakeholders on subjects of common interest to them and to the Eunomad network.

The seminar will be divided in two sessions. the first morning session will provide the opportunity to participants to present themselves and establish their position on the migration-development nexus. The second morning session will focus on following-up the policy seminar with the European institutions.
This will allow the presentation of the European Union’s areas of action on the migration-development nexus and the positioning of the European civil society in this context.
An open exchange among participants on the prospects for future collaboration will close the Seminar.