A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


The second ordinary General Assembly of Eunomad took place at the escuela Besteiro in Madrid, under the chairmanship of Mr Spyros Amoranitis, President of the network and director of IRFAM.

The meeting had a twofold objective. Participants first worked on the development of a strategic plan for 2010-2013. In a second part of the meeting, they discussed aspects of the statutory system, including the renewal of the Board of Directors.

The General Assembly validated the minutes of the last General Assembly, presented the report of activities 2008-2009 and adopted the chairman and financial reports 2009.

For the development of a strategic plan for 2010-2013, three workshops were held:

- Workshop 1 "Eunomad Visions and values"

- Workshop 2 "Eunomad themes and activities 2010-2013"


- Workshop 3 "Governance"

These workshops enabled to lay the foundations of the second phase of the strategic plan. It will be further worked on by the Board and submited for validation at the next General Assembly.

Finally, the General Assembly organised the election of a new Board of Directors for the period 2010-2013. Six applications were received by the Board, in accordance with the procedure. The organisations include:

  • ADER, France (Renewal)
  • CFD, United Kingdom (Renewal)

  • FCEAR, Spain (New mandate)

  • GRDR, France (Renewal)

  • IRFAM, Belgium (Renewal)

  • SPA, Poland (New mandate)

These applications were accepted by a unanimous vote. The Board of Directors was thus extended, with the arrival of two new members.