A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


The second European workshop of Eunomad was on the theme: "Migration and development here and there: Economic capacities of migrants". It was held from Thursday 20 to Friday, May 21, 2010 in Madrid and was attended by 45 participants from nine European countries.

2e_atelier_allFrom an analytical and assessment framework, this workshop enabled to define the practices that link migration and development, in terms of economic capacity of migrants.

Through the capitalisation process initiated by Eunomad on Migration and Development, the workshop sought to evaluate the practices of the network members, to produce crosstabs and a synthesis.
The highlights of the workshop focused on the practices of Eunomad network about financial capacities and its contribution to policy development support related to migrations.



Thursday, 20th May  2010 : Eunomad network practices about economic capacities


> General introduction by Ramon Muñagorri, from Fundacion CEAR.

> Introduction of the organisations.


> Identifying migrant practices for the economic development of the territories. Economic capacities: what does it mean? Eunomad starting points by GRDR

> Economic capacities in practice. About methodologies allowing to identify and analyse our practices by IRFAM.


> Overall view and global analysis of the diversity of our economic practices.

2e_atelier_4> Discussions about migrants practices for the economic development of territories, animated by ADER.

3 thematic workshops for a critical analysis of the practices:

  • The capacities of migrants to secure and save, animated by Fundación CEAR






  • The capacities of migrants to give and invest, animated by GRDR






  • The capacities of migrants to mobilise for the economic development, animated by IRFAM






Friday, 21st May 2010 : What contribution of the Eunomad network to the policies supporting the migration-development nexus?


> Welcome, by Spyros Amoranitis, from IRFAM.

> What policies and what institutional systems to supportthe economic capacities of the migrants?


Lectures from public operators:
- UNDP / EU Joint Initiative, Mrs Cécile Riallant
- The General Department of Planning and Evaluation of Development Policy (DGPOLDE-Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), Mrs Carolina Mayeur
- Municipality of Madrid, Mrs Carmen Olabarría
- Fons Catala for Development Cooperation, Mr Joan Solà
- Technical Cell of Codeveloppement in Mali, Mr. Gilles Cressan

2e_atelier_9> Internal debate: given our practices, what recommendations should be brought to the decision-makers?
Elaboration of recommendations about technical and financial support systems and policies, animated by Fundación CEAR.

> A tool facilitating exchange and visibility: the website www.eunomad.org
Présentation of the website by GRDR.

> Conclusions and perspectives by GRDR. Vote of thanks by IRFAM.




> Group photo at the end of the workshop
"Migration and development here and there: Economic capacities of migrants"




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