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The first platform meeting of the Polish platform of Eunomad was held in Warsaw, on March 26,  2010.

This nationwide meeting was organized by the Association of Friends of Africa, IRFAM and ADER, on "Learning and Building the European Network on Migration and Development". It was attended by 20 structures working on the migration-development nexus and dealing with migration and foreigners in Poland.

For the rational use of time and of the mobilisation of the many organisations working with migrants in Poland, the SPA has organized meetings from 05 to 21 March 2010, with representatives of local NGOs in the following provinces:

1. Greater,
2. Silesian,
3. Lesser,
4. Kujawko-Pomeranian,
5. Pomeranian.


In addition to the official registered organisation participated in information meetings in Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice, Krakow and Bydgoszcz,
SPA met migrant organizations which are not able to register because they do not meet the legal conditions for registration. Assisting them in their efforts is a priority.

The aims of the meeting were to:

  • expand the knowledge of participants on the migration and development nexus;
  • improve knowledge on Eunomad;
  • highlight the importance of the need to build a network in Poland and in the EU;
  • establish cooperations between the participants of the meeting;
  • support and assist the organisations working on the registration of migrants in Poland.

Read the complete meeting report