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International Youth Day, on August 12th, was this year dedicated to "Youth migration: moving development forward".

According to the United Nations, there were 27 million young international migrants in 2010, that is less than 25 years old, accounting  for 10% of international migrations. This Day aimed at raising awareness on the topic, on the opportunities that young migrants can bring to a society (development and change) but also on the obstacles and dangers that they face in everyday life (harsh working conditions, poverty, discrimination, violation of human rights...). Young migrants were able to share their experiences and studies and analyses were presented.

This Day was prepared in conjunction with the 2013 United Nations report on World Youth, which will soon be published.

The issue of youth linked to migrations and codevelopment was dealt with during a workshop organized by Eunomad in The Hague on November 23rd-24th 2011. Download the workshop leaflet

For more information on International Youth Day

International Youth Day

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