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The European Commission released a communicationon "Maximising the development impact of migration" on 21 May 2013. In this communication, it links migration and mobility to inclusive and socio-economic development.

This Communication was published in a context of increased migration and intensification of global mobility, which lead to troubling phenomenon such as "brain drain", migrant exploitation and rapid urbanization, but which offers numerous opportunities for the citizens of the world and to reduce povery. The European Union, within the framework of its Global Approach on Migration and Mobility, attaches much importance to migration, this being a priority for its development cooperation.

The EC tackles different elements she considers important in this Communication: the link between migration and development, the post-2015 development framework, the human rights of migrants, regular, orderly and safe migration, human trafficking, cooperation and partnership, labour mobility...

This document will be used to elaborate a common EU position that will be defended at the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development organised by the United Nations General Assembly on October 3-4 2013.

Read the press release
Read the Communication


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