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The Group of Eminent Persons of the Council of Europe published a report on the challenges arising from the resurgence of intolerance and discrimination in Europe: “Living together. Combining diversity and freedom in 21st century Europe”.
The Group, led by Joschka Fischer, the former German Minister of Foreign Affairs, is made up of nine other important officials from different countries  who have a certain expertise and interest in the matter.

In the first part, “The threat”, the Group provides an overview of the situation and of the prejudices made against certain groups of people, in particular migrants and minority groups. They identify eight risks and phenomenon that threaten the "values of the Council of Europe", such as the growing intolerance, the increase in power of xenophobic and populist political parties, the loss of democratic liberties and the conflict between freedom of religion and freedom of speech; all this set in a context of crisis and insecurity.

In reaction to these observations, the second part, “The response”, states a series of principals to “live together” in Europe. According to the Group, there needs to be an agreement on the fact that the “law needs to be obeyed” and a “shared understanding of what the law is and how it can be changed”, by insisting on the rights and obligations of European citizens. They identify the main actors who can bring the necessary changes in public attitudes: the media, educators, employers and trade unions, religious groups, cities, celebrities and European and international institutions. Last but not least, the report concludes with “proposals for action” directed at the European Union, the Council of Europe and their member countries.

The network thought it would be interesting to share this report, in relation to the European Year of Citizens 2013, in order to stimulate consequent thoughts and debates.

For more information and to download the report

For more information on the European Year of Citizens 2013
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