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The new communication on the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM) was released on November 18th, 2011. The Global Approach is defined as the «overarching framework for the EU external migration policy complementary to the European foreign policy and development cooperation." The first version of the GAMM was adopted in 2005 by the European Commission. It aimed to build partnerships with Third countries largely based on the fight against irregular migration.

But, the recent upheavals caused by the Arab Spring in the southern shores of the Mediterranean have led the EU to reconsider its strategy in order to make it more consistent from a geographical and technical point of view. In April 2011, two public consultations were held to consider the expectations and feedback from stakeholders.

The new communication on the GAMM promises to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with non-EU partner countries. It also wants to be a more migrant-centered approach, in the sense of taking into account their needs and strengthening their fundamental rights in countries of origin, transit and destination.

To read the communication fromthe European Commission.

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