A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


130-page book written under the coordination of Spyros Amoranitis and Altay Manço from the Institute of Research, Training and Action on Migrations (IRFAM), Chair member of Eunomad.

Migration-et-developpement-europeIn conjunction with the European Guide to Migration and Development Practices produced by Eunomad, the book "Migration and development in Europe: Policies, practices, actors" provides a detailed comprehensive analysis of ideas and practices of European actors involved in the activities connected to migration and development.

The description of links between the migration and the development has been elaborated through the assessment of existing practices and criteria designated toevaluate the aforementioned activities. The book gives an insight into the migration and development activities experienced by a dozen countries forming together the international network “Eunomad”.

In order to identify and describe activities of migrants assigned to develop local areas of their countries of origin, Eunomad members (between 2008 and 2010) not only carried out numerous interviews with target groups, but also organized a couple of seminars on the national as well as the international level. Invited representatives of the national research platforms then summarized their experiences in the form of articles.

The conducted analyses can contribute to bring up-to-date factors aiming to support existing positivepractices, and to form appropriate structures that would answer the local needs with respect to available resources. The applied methodological approach provides the reader with a comprehensive picture of the activities of migrant associations and other institutions situated in various European countries: information tools and trainings, and practical recommendations for elaboration of policy strategies.

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