A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


Report published by the Council of Europe, under the directionPatrick Taran Ivakhnyuk with Irina, Maria da ConceiçãoPereira Ramos and Arno Tanner.

Publication_Conseil-EuropeIn the final declaration of their 8th conference, the European ministers responsible for migration affairs committed to promoting and protecting the human rights of migrants, with special attention to gender equality and the rights of women; to strengthening dialogue and co-operation between receiving, transit and origin countries, particularly within Europe; and to promoting coherence at all levels (international, national, regional and local) between migration, development and integration policies.

The ministers also agreed to manage economic migration with a view to promoting economic and social progress in receiving, transit and origin countries; to enhance social cohesion by improving the integration of migrants and persons of immigrant background and the re-integration of migrants who return to their countries of origin; and to strengthen the contribution of migrants and persons of immigrant background to development in receiving and origin countries and their involvement in co-development programmes.

This report "Economic migration, social cohesion and development: towards an integrated approach" was prepared to support the ministerial debate during the conference. It presents the main aspects and characteristics of migration in the member states of the Council of Europe, analyses policy challenges raised by contemporary migration and identifies an integrated policy agenda.

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