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The Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA) just released its most extensive survey on minorities and discrimination entitled EU-MIDIS : European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey.

This report presents the results of the investigation into the experiences of more than 23,000 immigrants and ethnic minorities in all 27 EU Member States. The Agency has examined the experiences of respondents on "discrimination based on their immigration status or membership in an ethnic minority in nine areas of everyday life, including, among other jobs, public services (health and social education) and various private services (restaurants, shops, banks).

The survey also examines the experiences of victims of crimes, and attempts to determine whether those crimes were motivated by racist criteria.The report found high rates of discrimination, racist crime and victimization, and work is the area where such practices have appeared most often. A huge majority of respondents do not report their experiences of discrimination, either because they do not know the procedures to follow, either by belief that a report "would not change anything". The Agency finally issues a series of recommendations to policymakers for each issue raised.

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