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This study is produced by Burcu Miraç DIRAOR.

The Turkish Diaspora as an economic and political actor can play a key role in bridge-building between Turkey and the EU. In achieving this, tailor-made policy formulation by both hosting and homeland governments in line with the needs of the Diaspora belonging to different generations are of crucial importance. Policy makers should keep evolving social, economic and political characteristicsof the Turkish Diaspora in mind.

L'adhésion de la Turquie à l'Union européenne serait un puissant message politique globale et représenterait une étape importante dans l'histoire de l'Europe moderne, en aidant à formuler un concept nouveau et amélioré de «européanité» fondée sur le dialogue interculturel et les valeurs universelles. This is a very unique opportunity to strengthen intercultural dialogue, help the EU to embrace cultural diversity, improve social cohesion and gain a more prominent place on global political agenda.

It therefore seems clear that what is needed is strong ownership and a pro-active approach of the Turkish government in order to mobilise the Diaspora. Development of multi-dimensional governmental strategies prioritising the integration of Turkish Diaspora into the EU; formulation of a communication strategy; and, strengthened coordination and organisational rearrangements at intra and inter-governmental levels will be the key milestones in that process.

This, in turn, will help ensure widespread transmission of the political message ofTurkey on the road to EU membership: ‘Europeaness – an evolving concept, which Turkeyhas already been an indispensable part of it’.

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