A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


The Eunomad European report 2012 "Migration, development and integration in Europe" is available.

couveture_rapport_FRAfter a focus on the impact of the Arab Spring in 2011, Eunomad's European report 2012 analyses the consequences of the financial and economic crisis on international mobility, the rights of migrants and on the development and integration policies in Europe. It also tries to analyse the problem of the benefits of cooperation between the territories in which local authorities have a key role to play alongside the civil society actors. Finally, with examples of concrete projects, it illustrates intercultural skills at work in the dynamics between migration and development.

Eunomad has asked the researcher Lorenzo Gabrielli, who relied on the contributions of the members of the network, to draw this report. Ten recommendations were made: these combine the shared values and the arguments brought forward by the members of the network. This report intends to provide, through objective data, a positive view of international migration in its interaction with the dynamics of cooperation and the issues of citizenship. Many contributions that will renew the ways of making and thinking innovative policies that link migration, development and citizenship.

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