A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.


The European Report 2011 of the Eunomad network is now available!

 1erecouv_rapport_europe_enDevelopment actors and their practices related to migration are largely unknown in Europe. As a consequence of this situation, Eunomad publishes an Annual European report which debriefs the range and contributions of the co-development projects, often ignored and not listed, but also, understood differently by governments of each country.

The European report 2011 of the Eunomad network results from an analysis of public policies carried out at national and European levels completed by the presentation of the media coverage and scientific researches put in perspective with practices of co-development’s actors in the field. The researches of Eunomad on policies in the field of migration, development and integration are then compared with concrete results and needs arising from projects implemented by migrants.

It reflects on Eunomad’s theme for 2011 that is on "Youth and renewal of co-development practices", choice based on the fact that the analysis of the link between migration-development ​​by Eunomad would benefit from integrating current evolutions taking place both in migration characteristics (feminization, level high school) and in terms of practices (emphasis on economic projects, stronger links with the host country, etc.).

The annual report is at the core of Eunomad’s approach. It presents the results of capitalisation activities organised at country and European levels and develops an analysis allowing to formulating recommendations towards public authorities and key stakeholders in co-development.

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